• 空气悬浮风机特点
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There are many kinds of fans, which are widely used. Air suspension fan is one of them. The working principle of this kind of blower is similar to that of centrifugal blower. The appearance of this blower also helps to protect the environment. Then let Xiaobian introduce the characteristics of air suspension fan for you.

1. Advanced impeller profile, high efficiency. The impeller is designed by three-dimensional flow theory. After three-dimensional software modeling, the performance of the fan is verified by computer flow analysis technology, and the variable efficiency of the air suspension fan reaches 82%.

2. Wide range of flow regulation, applicable to various working conditions. The fan adopts axial inlet guide vane and diffuser regulating device. The flow regulation range is 60% - 110% of the rated flow, which makes the fan operate more effectively under non rated conditions. The anti surge device can effectively avoid the surge of the blower.

3. Air suspension fan has compact structure and small volume. The main body of the blower is assembled on the housing of the gear growth box through the integrated structure. The lubricating oil system, motor and gear growth box are installed on the common base compactly as two oil tanks to realize the delivery of the whole machine. The field installation is safe and convenient, and the debugging cycle is short.

After strict dynamic balance, the rotor has small vibration, high reliability and low overall noise. The impeller is made of forged aluminum alloy and processed by the machining center. The moment of inertia of the rotor is small, and the starting and stopping time of the device is short. High fuel tanks and accumulators are not required. Compared with the multi-stage centrifugal blower with the same flow and pressure, the air suspension blower has the advantages of low energy consumption, light weight and small floor area.