• 空气悬浮鼓风机的优势特点有哪些?
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Now there are a variety of fans in the market with their own banner, said that energy saving here, the preferential benefits, but not many fans can really do to solve the difficulties of users pain point. Take the roots fan in the past, although the installation is simple, easy to learn and easy to use. However, due to the curved cylindrical surface shape, the requirements for mechanical processing is higher, the inspection is more difficult, in the manufacture of assembly is more difficult.

Now a very popular air suspension blower, also known as air suspension centrifugal blower, this fan is more efficient and energy efficient than previous fans. I can't say it can beat many products such as air suspension blower or high pressure blower, but overall it is much better than them.

RAETTS air suspension blower has the most advanced customized design, no auxiliary equipment, direct drive, no transportation loss, can save you time and electricity. The integrated design concept of air bearing and permanent magnet synchronous ultra-high speed motor (20000 r /min) is adopted, and the gearbox speed-increasing device, coupling and lubrication system of traditional centrifugal blower are abandoned. In a real sense, it achieves high efficiency and energy saving.

It is a good use of air bearing and direct connection technology, no vibration generation, fan does not need to set sound insulation device; The equipment has light weight, no special foundation is needed, and the installation is simple and flexible. Moreover, the machine manufacturing technology of air suspension centrifugal blower, which is 30HP~600HP, is also used.

Completely solve the problem of large noise of most fans, this air suspension blower works with low noise and low vibration, and provides a comfortable working environment without additional infrastructure. Thoroughly achieved high efficiency and energy saving, abandoned the previous shortcomings, is now many enterprises choose the first choice of air knife blow dry products.

The air suspension blower adopts single-stage compression to directly connect the motor rotor to improve the efficiency. The traditional gear increase rate and belt drive are removed. It is simpler in structure and more convenient in maintenance. Compared with roots blower's belt drive and gear growth system, the energy saving is about 5%. Two major ling technologies are used: ultra-high speed motor, dynamic pressure air bearing technology (to remove faults due to transmission, oil lubrication system and complex control system). Select excellent materials for key components; Through standardized production, ensure the stability of equipment performance excellent, high reliability.