• 分析空气发生器常见的四个故障
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Failure 1. The air generator does not work when it is turned on.


1. If the work indicator is not on, check whether the power socket is firmly plugged in, whether the light line is off, and whether the insurance is burnt.


2. The working indicator is on, the compressor is not working or the boost is slow:


(1) Check whether the blockage of air input is removed;


② for filters with long service life, clean them regularly to ensure smooth operation;


Whether the air is discounted into the compressor hose or not; and (4) replace the protector.


After the above inspection, the compressor needs to be replaced.


Fault 2. Noise of air generator during operation:


Noise at startup: 1) solenoid valve ringing, adjusting the pressure cap tightness above solenoid valve, if not, remove the solenoid valve and clean the internal parts with alcohol (solenoid valve is located at the upper corner of the instrument); 2) one-way valve ringing, turn the outlet of one-way valve, and rotate the internal pressure wire clockwise to silence with pointed tweezers (one-way valve is located at the upper corner of the instrument). Between the gas tank and solenoid valve, there is a sign of the direction of air flow in the hexagonal valve body; (3) the pressure stabilization valve rings, which is caused by the large flow of gas, and can be reduced appropriately or the pressure stabilization valve knob is rotated clockwise for 1 to 4 turns; (4) the compressor noise, which has a great impact on the use, should be replaced, generally due to transportation failure or long service cycle. Shortage of oil caused by shrinkage.


The above noise needs to be felt by hand. Generally, the parts with noise shake badly.


Failure 3. The compressor of air generator does not stop working or has a short start-up interval, which is a leak.


(1) Inspection of drying pipe: whether there are cracks in both ends of drying chamber and sealing gasket, and the sealing gasket can not adhere to cotton or broken silica gel particles;


(2) If the pressure regulator leaks, the air volume is very large, and the soap water can not be detected generally. It needs to feel or listen to the sound by hand and replace it later.


(3) Soap water is used to pick up leaks at connection points and output connection points of each pipeline.


Failure 4. Unstable output pressure of air generator:


The black knob on the back panel of the air generator is a pressure stabilizing knob, and the pressure is increased clockwise and lowered counterclockwise. If the desired effect is not achieved, the inside of the pressure stabilizing valve should be cleaned. The spring and needle should be removed by turning the back pressure cap with the spanner of the opening 17, and the cotton should be dipped in alcohol to clean it, especially on the small black cushion. Net.