• 氢空一体机使用注意事项
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(1)本仪器不允许在“H2”、“ N2” 、“Air”压力为零的情况下长时间运行,否则易发生返液等情况。

(1) this instrument is not allowed to run for a long time when the pressure of "H2", "N2" and "Air" is zero, otherwise, it is easy to return liquid.



(2) since the instrument is set up for automatic emptying, nitrogen output is only at the outlet of nitrogen output every 10 minutes.


(3) we should observe the discolouration of silica gel frequently from the observation window. Users can update silica gel or dry it according to need.

(4)仪器工作时消耗蒸馏水,平时用户可根据需要补充蒸馏水,并保证液位始终处于0.6 L—1.2L刻度线之间。(建议半年左右更换电解液一次。)

(4) the distilled water is consumed when the instrument is working. At ordinary times, users can supplement distilled water as required, and ensure that the liquid level is always between 0.6 L 1.2L scale. (it is suggested that the electrolyte should be replaced half a year or so).


(5) the flow value of the instrument is only for reference, it is converted from electrolysis current, and the output flow is stable because hydrogen and nitrogen are passed through the gas storage and the purification tube, so the output flow is stable and the display value has a normal change of + 1 on the ten bit.


(6) because the refrigerator compressor is used as the air source, the compressed air needs to be deoiled, and the machine needs to replace the activated carbon in the deoiling purifier once after 1000 hours of work.


(7) the air input filter needs to be cleaned regularly (depending on the dust situation in the room, the ultrasonic cleaning can be used) to keep the intake smooth. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the compressor work load to increase and heat. When the temperature is too high, the overheating protection will result in the shutdown.


(8) because the compressor is open way work way, so the lubricating oil will be consumed with the water expelling machine, so that the compressor is properly lubricated after one year, and the gas port is next to the compressor outlet (or from the air inlet), and it is recommended to add 200 grams of No. 18 refrigerated oil. When the compressor is working, the oil pipe will be inserted into the air inlet and the oil will be inhaled automatically.