• 负离子发生器的空气净化原理
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The negative ion generator releases the high concentration of the high concentration of the high concentration of the negative oxygen ion of the small particle size. After the negative oxygen ion is released into the space, it can quickly combine with the particulate pollutants in the air, and the pollutants are condensed into a mass and settled to the ground to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.


In the book "the application of negative air ions in health care and environmental protection" compiled by the expert group of the air negative ion and ozone research society of China, it has been said many times that the light ions in the air (negative ions of small particles) have one hundred percent settlement removal effect to 0.01 micron and industrial particles that are hard to remove.



When the concentration of negative ions in indoor air to reach 20 thousand per cubic centimeter, the amount of particulates in the air will be reduced by more than 98%. The effect of PM2.5 on pulmonary particulate matter is excellent.


Therefore, in the air containing high concentration of small particle negative ions, the most dangerous particles, bacteria and viruses below 1 micron diameter in PM2.5 are almost zero.