• 空气发生器常见故障及解决办法
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Open the machine and not work


1, the work indicator light is not bright, the power socket should be checked if the plug is inserted, the light line is off, the insurance is burned out.


2. The work indicator lights, the compressor does not work or the boost is slow.


(1) check whether the air input plug is removed;



For the use of a longer cycle of the filter, regular cleaning to ensure smooth;


The air input to the compressor hose is discounted; (4) replace the protector.


The above inspection is not working, the compressor needs to be replaced.


Note: the protector in the compressor is covered at one end with a screwdriver to pry the clip from beneath the hood, the circle is the protector; two line voltage is 220V short power operations, two lines is not divided into positive and negative for QD651, 4, QD65 compressor protector; QD75 or QD75, QD85 or QD85 compressor for the 1 / 3 protector.


Noise in the operation of the instrument


The noise started: solenoid valve solenoid valve ring, adjust the pressure cap above the tightness, if not, open the solenoid valve with alcohol for internal cleaning (solenoid valve is located on the instrument on the corner); the one-way valve ring, unscrew the valve outlet, with pointed tweezers, internal pressure wire to the clockwise. To rotate to sound so far (one-way valve located between the tank and the solenoid valve is a valve with six party logo; the airflow direction) regulator valve ring, the gas flow is caused by the appropriate decrease of the gas flow or the regulator valve knob clockwise 1, 4 ring; the compressor sound, sound effect of use, to replace the general transportation, broken or long use period of the compressor oil shortage caused by the.


The above noise needs to be felt by the hand, and the parts of the noise usually shake very badly.


Compressor work without stopping or starting interval is short of gas leakage


(1) the examination of dry tube: whether there are cracks at the ends of the drying room and the sealing pad, and the sealing pad can not adhere to the cotton and silica gel particles.


If the pressure valve is leaking, the air volume is very large, the soap water can not be found out generally, need to use the hand feel or listen to the sound, determine to be replaced later;


The soap on the pipeline connection point and output connection point of the leak.


Output pressure is not stable


The instrument panel on the black knob is the regulator knob clockwise, counterclockwise buck boost, if not reach the ideal effect, need to clean the regulator valve inside, remove the spring, needle with the wrench opening 17 under the pressure cap, to be cleaned with cotton dipped in alcohol, especially black pad must be clean.