• 液相色谱的头号武器:在线脱气机
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The principle is like degassing machine, mobile phase through a pipeline vacuum chamber a semipermeable membrane, membrane above the small pores can make gas molecules through the liquid molecules cannot penetrate the gas molecules, such as mobile phase which dissolved were on the outside of the vacuum pipe from the inside out to. The degassed mobile phase continues to move to the pump.



The use of degassing machine is very simple, basically open the power supply automatically work. It has its own set of working processes to ensure a vacuum in the vacuum chamber, and to continue the degassing of the mobile phase.



But sometimes, if improperly handled, it may also cause the problem of degassing machine.


For example, must be in use, the degassing machine buffer salt rinse, and then filled with 100% methanol or acetonitrile.


If the water or buffer salt stays in the degassing machine pipe for a period of time, it may be salted out or fungal growth, resulting in the blockage of the degassing machine pipeline hole. The consequence is that the degassing machine is still working, but the degassing effect of the mobile phase will be greatly reduced due to the fact that the gas molecules can not pass through the pore diameter into the vacuum chamber. In addition, the fungus enters the whole liquid phase with the mobile phase, which may cause serious pollution (Contamination) and interfere with the normal detection.