• 氢气发生器的故障分析
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The 1. generator cannot start


The fault reason is: (1) the circuit is not connected; (2) the hydrogen switch power supply is damaged; (3) when the pressure is 0 no-load operation, the electrolytic cell burns out.


Inspection method: (1) check circuit; (2) use multimeter to measure whether the voltage of electrolytic cell is about 2.3V.


Elimination method: (1) repair power supply; (2) replace the damaged hydrogen switching power supply; (3) replace the electrolytic cell.


2. hydrogen production can not reach the predetermined pressure, the hydrogen digital display is more than 500ml / min, that is, the amount of instrument display exceeds the actual use


The cause of the failure is: (1) gas system leakage; (2) the filter or filter upper cover is not tightened; (3) hydrogen electrolytic tank reverse leakage.

检查方法:用检漏液检测各气路连接处。 排除方法:(1)更换漏气元件;(2)拧紧漏气点;(3)联系厂家更换电解池。

Inspection methods: leak detection liquid to detect the gas road junction. Elimination methods: (1) change the leakage components; (2) tighten the leak point; (3) contact the manufacturer to replace the electrolytic cell.


3. hydrogen production exceeds the predetermined pressure 0.1MPa


Fault: (1) automatic tracking device of barndoor dislocation or fall off; (2) photoelectric coupling damage.


Inspection method: (1) visual inspection; (2) measuring circuit with multimeter.


Method: (1) turn off the power on the front panel when the pressure reached 0.3MPa, the light blocking plate is arranged in a reasonable position, turn the power switch and tap tight baffle can; (2) replacing the photoelectric coupling element damage.


The 4. generator can start, but the digital display of hydrogen is 0 or black screen.


Cause of failure: digital display table damage.


Inspection method: use multimeter to measure circuit.


Elimination method: replace digital display table.


5. after start-up, hydrogen production is less than 300ml / min, or it takes a long time to reach


Failure reasons: (1) electrolyte failure; (2) the switch is not tightened, there is a leak phenomenon.


Inspection method: (1) to observe whether the liquid level of electrolyte is lower than the lower limit or the electrolyte is used for more than half a year; (2) test leakage.


Exclusion method: (1) add two distilled water or deionized water in time. Or will the new configuration after cooling the electrolyte (mother liquor) is poured into the liquid storage barrel, adding two times distilled water or deionized water, the water level in the water level line between the lower limit (the concentration of KOH solution was about l0%), twist the outer cover, can be used after 10min; (2) continue to tighten the pressure switch flow and standard.


6. after using, hydrogen production can not be stable, has been in a small range fluctuations


Failure reason: electrolyte failure.


Inspection method: observe whether the liquid level of electrolyte is lower than the lower limit or the electrolyte is used for more than half a year.


Elimination method: new l0% potassium hydroxide electrolyte is replaced or added water.


7. after the start-up, hydrogen production from a few ml / min slow growth, the pressure can not reach 0 in 5arin time.  3MPa


Failure reason: electrolytic cell leakage.


Method of inspection: visual inspection.


Method: (1) cell vise clamped to tighten the screws; (2) the seal plane sealant glued; (3) can not repair the mechanical damage, to replace the electrolytic cell.


8. corrosion is serious and cannot be used


Fault: (1) when handling without the electrolyte by a sucking ball suction clean; (2) the inner and outer lid, the residual electrolyte spill during transportation.


Method of inspection: visual inspection.


Elimination method: change the instrument. Installation and use of </P> hydrogen generator


(1) preparation before start up:

1、将仪器从包装箱内取出,检查有无因运输不当而损坏,核对仪器备件,合格证及保修卡是否齐全。并准备以下物品:300mg KOH和硅胶干燥粒若干公斤,玻璃搅拌棒1个,500ml 玻璃容器1个

1. Take the instrument out of the packing box, check whether it is damaged due to improper transportation, check the spare parts of the instrument, whether the certificate and warranty card are complete. And prepare the following items: 300mg KOH and silica gel dried grain several kilograms, glass mixing rod 1, 500ml glass container 1


2. Add electrolyte:


First, the potassium hydroxide in the spare parts is removed into a container, then two times distilled water or deionized water 500 ml are used as mother liquor, and the electrolyte is fully stirred.


The liquid storage barrel, open the cover, remove the cover. (cover for transportation to prevent leakage, when used without inner operation) will cover preservation, for use during the transportation.


Third, the cooling electrolyte (mother liquor) into the liquid storage tank, and then add two times steaming

馏水或去离子水,不要超过上限水位线, 也不要低于下限水位

Distilled water or deionized water, do not exceed the upper limit water level, or lower than the lower limit water level


Line。 Twist the outer cover, can be used after 10 minutes.


(two) instrument self checking



1. Switch on the power.


2, open the power switch, at this time the instrument pressure gauge began to rise, check the instrument surface

板上电解指示(绿灯)发亮,流量指示(指针表)应指示在1000左右,在5分钟内压力指示(压力表)应达到0.4MPa,指针指示降至“0”, 说明仪器系统工作正常,自检合格。

Board indicates electrolytic (green) shiny, flow indicator (pointer table) should be instructed in about 1000, indicating the pressure in 5 minutes (pressure meter) should reach 0.4MPa, pointer to "0", it shows that the instrument system is working properly, self qualified.

3、如在5分钟后,流量指示还在“1000”,压力指示在“0”, 说明开关没有旋紧有漏气现象,请继续旋紧开关,使仪器的压力、流量达到合格标准。

3, such as 5 minutes later, the flow indicator is still "1000", the pressure is indicated in "0", indicating that the switch is not tightened, there is a leak phenomenon, please continue to tighten the switch, so that the instrument pressure, flow to meet the eligibility criteria.


4, the instrument should be paid attention to when using flow indicating whether the gas chromatograph is consistent with, such as flow instructions beyond the actual chromatograph amount is larger, should stop the leak detection, fault methods according to instrument adjustment and troubleshooting, and self checking method inspection qualified rear can use.


5. Regularly check whether the silica gel in the filter is discolored, such as discoloration, immediately replace or regenerate. The method is to unscrew the filter, then unscrew the top cover of the filter, replace the silica gel and tighten the top cover of the filter,