• 空气悬浮鼓风机的起源说
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    Air blower originated in Korea, is separated from the aircraft turbine engine technology products, the R & D personnel is in South Korea's Samsung (state) of power and air "(originally charged with the military aerospace technology research and development unit). In the West during the cold war, South Korea as a member in Asia belonging to the US led Western camp, in technology and trade has given great support for South Korea, and some of the military aspects of the project on the South Korean domestic R & D, to support the level of military technology research in South Korea, where R & D units including the technology research the air force is responsible for the Samsung Aerospace Research institute.


Later, due to the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the west end of the cold war, some military research projects in South Korea with dismount, set up their own production enterprises have some patent technology scientists leave the Research Institute, the original military civilian technology to develop advanced products and business. Air suspension centrifugal blower is such a product, and its origin is therefore made in South korea.


Germany AERZEN air suspension centrifugal blower is a frequency converter, stainless steel impeller, permanent magnet motor, foil air bearings, touch screen and other technologies to provide compressed air equipment. At present, it plays a very important role in the field of sewage aeration.


Air suspension technology has the characteristics of simplicity, stability, maintenance free and semi permanent. It is also widely used in aerospace and other industrial fields.